Growth lives through people: 970 highly qualified and motivated employees, including 27 trainees, deliver impressive performance every day and drive our company forward. Their professional competence and their team spirit are the driving force behind sustainable quality and supplier reliability.


The enthusiasm for what we do derives from attractive working conditions, respect for work safety and health protection, but also from openness and appreciation with each other. This starts with corporate management and extends to flexible working times, a lively feedback and participation culture and the joint celebration of milestones.


We also live our social responsibility externally - with the sponsorship of selected sport and cultural events, social projects and economic commitment, such as, for example, as a member of the “Initiative Erfurter Kreuz". The company network of more than 80 companies in the region around Erfurt has shaped the positive development of our location and will continue to do so in the future.

Building a career at N3

In the Thuringia region, N3 Engine Overhaul Services (N3) has long been known as one of the most attractive employers. Versatile and responsible assignments, as well as an open and mutually respectful corporate culture are the basis for this. Be part of the N3 family and give your career a boost!


We form a strong team even beyond our delivery dates: in our own sports club, at the race for entrepreneurs and at other events, we build a common dynamic. With the Family & Friends Day, we also express our appreciation for the family of our employees. Combining private and professional experiences strengthens both and supports an integrated, healthy balance between life and work.

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