Engineering at N3 Engine Overhaul Services is responsible for providing technical support to maintenance processes and forms the interface between the specifications of the engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce and N3's operational business. The experienced team of engineers and technicians is divided into several specialised departments to support engine disassembly and assembly, component repair and engine testing. One of our most important basic principles is to ceaselessly provide excellent service for our customers and partners.

Being an engine overhaul engineer at N3 means:

  • Being part of an international team of currently more than 60 engineers
  • Being involved in the overhaul and repair of cutting edge Rolls-Royce Trent engines
  • Working together with international teams within the network of Rolls-Royce and Lufthansa Technik
  • Growing together into the future

Interested in becoming part of this team? We hire and qualify you to work in technical preparation, assembly/disassembly, repair planning and process control and in tool development and maintenance. We welcome both ambitious young engineers and engineers with many years of experience. Because: this combination makes all the difference.

Workscope & Overhaul Engineering

Our engineers in the Workscope & Overhaul Engineering department act as technical contacts for individual work orders associated with the Trent engines for our client Rolls-Royce or their direct customers, and also for our internal customers. You accompany the engine throughput as a higher technical authority throughout the process at N3.

System, Methods & Quality Engineering

The System, Methods & Quality Engineering team coordinates cross-departmental engineering tasks beyond day-to-day business activities. It focuses on methodological skills and quality issues, both in process development and the investigation of internal and external complaints. Process supervision such as NDT (non-destructive testing) and metrology also play a key role. The area is an important hub between the engineering teams, operational N3 areas and Rolls-Royce.

Manufacturing Engineering

The Manufacturing Engineering department records the technical specifications of engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce for the overhaul and repair of Trent series engines, converts them into work plans for the respective teams, checks technical changes and requirements from official specifications and integrates them within N3 processes. The experts work closely with Rolls-Royce’s on-site team and with the international network. Process optimization and the introduction of new procedures are an important part of everyday work. Our engineers also support the implementation of training and technical briefings in the respective N3 work centres.

Operational Service Engineering

The OSE team oversees development, manufacture, operation, calibration and maintenance of the tools and supplies required for engine overhaul. Many of the tools and processes developed by our Operational Service Engineering team have already established themselves as best practice throughout the Rolls-Royce network. Thanks to an experienced team and the latest construction programmes, we can develop new tools and introduce them to specialist areas within a very short time.

Technical Variance Engineering

Our TV engineers evaluate technical deviations on components identified during the inspection process. To this end, they develop and implement individual solutions for treating engine components together with the engineering teams of the engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce and therefore help to save resources when working with engine components.


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