Our experienced team made up of engineers and technicians has been developing methods and processes since 2007 to ensure the ongoing optimisation of our technologies and expertise. In so doing, our key founding principle is always to provide our customers and partners with an excellent service. Our commitment to this approach is deeply rooted in every member of our team and ensures the sustainable development of our products and services.

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering team generates the technical specifications for large engines, manages projects and devises new methods to further enhance our work. Close contact with our customers, suppliers and individual departments means that we are in a position to continuously tweak and improve process sequences.

Repair Engineering

N3 Repair Engineering generates the technical specifications for all repairs, manages projects and develops new repairs in conjunction with our international engineering network. Our comprehensive range of repair services with tailored solutions guarantees the best service for customers.

Operational Service Engineering

Many of the tools and processes developed by our operational service have already made a name for themselves as best practice in the entire Rolls-Royce network. Thanks to an experienced team and the latest design programmes we are able to develop new tools and introduce them to the departments in the shortest possible time.


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