Quality & responsibility

How we handle things is decisive in determining who we are.

Quality and process management

We are aware of our responsibility and practise this in everything that we do. We fulfil the commitment to our staff, customers, and ultimately also to passengers by integrating comprehensive quality guidelines. Our open and transparent corporate culture enables the perfect interlocking of all operations and guarantees maximum precision. Virtually every process in our company is certified or has official approval.

Noise protection

The subsequent testing of each individual engine generates noise emissions, from which we want to protect both our staff and the environment surrounding the factory site. To guarantee effective protection from noise, we have had our own test building set up, which with approval in accordance with the German Federal Immission Control Act, reduces noise emissions to a minimum. This is ensured through intake silencers, sound insulating scenery and a wall 1.3 metres wide. Even 667 kN of thrust is safely insulated.

Protecting resources

Our corporate responsibility means the sensible use of all resources – from an ecological, economic and social perspective. We increase the quality and efficiency of our work by continuously improving our operating processes, while protecting the environment. Strengthening human resources plays just as much a major role for us: by valuing our employees and customers we are paving the way for our company into a secure future.

Health and safety

Health protection and safety at work play a central role at N3 Engine Overhaul Services (N3) and reflect our perception of social responsibility. 

Our distinct process orientation and a high level of transparency in operating procedures form the basis for early identification of risks and the establishing of effective preventive measures. 

All aspects of health protection and safety at work with regard to processes, jobs and operating material were carefully examined in the planning phase of the company and respective measures required were executed. 

Regular training and instruction ensure all staff are aware of respective risks and form the basis for continuous checking and improvement in the field of health protection and safety at work as well as early identification of risk potential.

Approvals & certificates

N3 Engine Overhaul Services (N3) has been approved by the European Aviation Authority (EASA) as an overhaul operation for all Rolls-Royce engine plants of the Trent type. Our operating approval (EASA Part145) includes the inspection, overhaul and modification of virtually all engine components. This authority is checked regularly by the German Federal Aviation Office (LBA) as the national aviation authority. We also have an integrated management system based on DIN EN ISO 9110.

You have an overview here of all certificates and approvals:


Environmental policy

One of the main principles of N3 Engine Overhaul Services (N3) concerns the protection of the environment and the resultant obligation of supporting the well-being of our staff and the community. Environmental protection was considered when planning the company and the certification pursuant to DIN EN ISO 14001 – Environmental Management was established. 

All new business processes are checked at an early stage in their project phase for environmental effects, and any action required is implemented. 

Within the process of continuous improvement of our operating procedures, the reduction or avoidance of negative effects to the environment play a central role, in addition to an increase in quality and production efficiency. By using modern repair methods for engine components, N3 contributes to resource-saving business.

N3 is also a member of NAT Thüringen, the network for sustainable business.
You can find our certificate here.

Investment in energy-efficient LED lighting

N3 Engine Overhaul Services GmbH & Co. KG is actively involved in the implementation of the German government's National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency (NAPE). The measure, financially supported by the European Union's European Regional Development Fund: Conversion of lighting - investment in energy-efficient LED lighting serves the goal of saving primary energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

The energy efficiency investment is accompanied by GEON Gesellschaft für energieoptimierte Nutzung GmbH.

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