As an international joint venture, compliance with applicable law is the basis for diverse global business relationships for every N3 employee.

Statement from the N3 Management

Ethics and integrity are essential parts of the N3 Engine Overhaul Services corporate behavior. As a matter of course the N3 Management, employees and business partners must follow the applicable law and consider ethical principles.

The N3 Code of Conduct documents the values, principles and standards of conduct. Adherence to the N3 Code is mandatory for all employees and at the very least is designed to keep each individual and the company from any harm. The binding framework represents the full commitment of the management to compliance with all applicable laws, directives and regulations, regardless of whether they are local or international. N3 especially maintains a zero-tolerance policy against bribery and corruption and any form of unfair competition.

Furthermore, N3 is committed to behave socially and environmentally responsibly and to align the management of our business with these values. In addition we expect this behavior from our business partners.

Arnstadt, March 2018

Nicole Fehr                             Stefan Landes

Management of N3 Engine Overhaul Services

Reporting and ombudsman system

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