Component repair

A complete engine consists of more than 15,000 individual parts. N3 Engine Overhaul Services (N3) gives engine components a second or even third life through their repair, thereby significantly reducing the overhaul costs per flying hour.

Approvals & certificates

The high quality of our repair results is based on strictly regulated process sequences. N3 is SABRe-certified and therefore meets the requirements for Rolls-Royce repair operations. Our holding company Rolls-Royce plc also has approval for a range of “source controlled repairs”. Several special processes are Nadcap-accredited and are regularly checked for their conformity in terms of globally established standards for the entire air and aerospace sector.


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Here you can find diverse publications of the N3-offer in the field of Component Repair Services.



N3 specialises in the maintenance and repair of Rolls-Royce engines that are used in the Airbus models A340, A330, A380 and A350.


Repair process

We carry out each repair exactly according to the requirements of our clients and their accredited specifications. We therefore guarantee that the maximum safety standards are met, along with a tailored implementation.



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