Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain management at N3 Engine Overhaul Services GmbH includes the planning, management and control of internal and external material along with information flow across the value stream to ensure the seamless operation of all processes, from the incoming order, to the shipment of the overhauled engines. Project and process management incl. controlling, the workload and material planning, order and material management is performed by the individual teams based on company targets and key performance indicators supported by a corresponding operational and organisational structure as well as defined processes.

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Development & Controlling

The Development and Controlling team is the focal point for the design, further development and improvement of processes and tools, whilst also providing the required data that is needed for the operational teams on a daily business for order and material control and to highlight the issues that need to be addressed. In their roles, the team members support different aspects of the business from a strategic perspective. Based on our quality management system, the SCM process landscape is managed, and necessary adjustments are initiated in alignment with the SCM strategy. Innovative technologies and applications are evaluated and their introduction to support the processes is monitored.


The Planning team periodically reviews long-, medium- and short-term planning with regard to material requirements and internal and external performance capacities. The plans are created and revised in-line with updated market and customer requirements based on strategic corporate goals in cooperation with the customer service, finance and production departments. In the process, the capacity demands of the different areas are determined in a differentiated level of detail using various scenarios. As a result, measures for capacity adjustment are defined and their implementation monitored.

Order Management & Control

Order control incorporates all tasks that are involved in the processing of an order and supports the target achievement in production and logistics. As the interface between the customer and the company, it extends from the moment an order is placed to the shipment of the products.
Engines and components go through a sequence of gates during maintenance and overhaul. The holistic control of the overhaul process at N3, in close coordination with all specialist departments, is a task of this team.
Its members constantly monitor the progress of the orders, identify deviations, disruptions and bottlenecks and take countermeasures by making appropriate decisions (e.g. rescheduling, prioritisation, etc.) in coordination with the customers and the N3 departments.


Material Management & Control

In order to navigate an engine through the maintenance process on time, the material for it must be available on time to the correct technical specification, in the necessary quantity and the required quality - ensuring this is a daily challenge of the material control team.
Coordinating orders for new parts is just as important as keeping track of delivery dates for materials for which suppliers/service providers are responsible. Since our products have different technical variations, checking and considering technical requirements is very important and demanding at the same time. The monitoring of stocks, including the avoidance or reduction of overstocking, is also part of the tasks as well as the expansion and optimisation of the supplier portfolio.


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